Friday 8 April 2022

Incubus Update #18

Cyborgs exist but they're niche.
There's a few hints in IC that it
takes place on the cusp of an age
of cyberpunk. II takes place in a
post-cyberpunk age, where cyborgs
are kinda passé and biaugs
(bio-augmenteds, still workshopping
the term) are their current equivalent.

Hey. I realized we're already a week in, don't want to let things creep to the middle of the month like I did last month.

Just over two weeks ago I got a little bit ill. First time in a while, was mostly just tired, so I didn't get a lot done. 

Here are the things I did:

Job system experimentation (II, goal) - I played around with it but nothing really worth showing, and therefore nothing really worth talking about. I'll say that I did not meet this goal, and therefore give you permission to call me one (1) unkind term.

IC bugfixes and adding Crimson Samurai's content to the game (goal) - 1) I did some bugfixes (not nearly enough for my liking, gonna renew that goal for this month), 2) Crimson's Stuff is in there now (tested, seems fine, may have missed something here or there), 3) I added replacement images for the daughters (untested). I've kind of run out of time though (will half-explain in a moment) so that'll have to be it for now, if you want to play this unofficial versions 1.13 of IC you can get it here:
[wape] IncubusCity v1.13.0 - CrimsonSamurai 1.5GB
(does not contain mods folder, so don't delete yours)

If you haven't played Crimson Samurai's Enhanced Edition, you should check out this new content in the above zip. (And if you like it, know that he's working on a game of his own, so keep an eye out on F95.)

Gene Merchant (II) - In the Undercroft's black market there will be a character who will genetically modify you, granting you various perks. I meant to add this character ages ago - she's actually a stopgap solution and will probably have her role change somewhat as development continues.

sayIt() - I put together this file to show this function I made for Twine to generate random words and phrases, intended to easily diversify re-used content and create fantasy-sounding character and place names. Get it here if that interests you.


A big chunk of April I will be elsewhere, so I gotta be modest with these goals. So all I'll really commit to is 1) get more IC bugfixes done and possibly make a unspecified addition and 2) get some of the Gene Merchant's biomods working - and then do another release. I'll hopefully be able to be more ambitious in May. 


  1. LGTM. Will you be adding Crimson's version to the f95 post once it's tested?

    1. I don't generally update that post, seems the admins there do it for me. (And I'm grateful that they do.)

    2. Also do plan replacing other gifs?

  2. SSo who did you replace the daughters with?, is it the same as the Zochestor mod gifs?

  3. Hey, do you enable the lesbian content of your daughters, and how do you get the baker to have a hotel date with you

  4. First time commenting. Big fan of the game. Wanted to know if you had an update patch in the works along with all the additive stuff? I've completed like 99% of 1.11.8 vanilla and Sherry Kuchen seems to be bugged!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. where are mans at?