Thursday 21 December 2023

Hi. (aka Incubus Update #21)

Forgive me for vanishing for so long. I would have preferred resuming posting with something to show for my absence, and the more time passed the greater this need felt, but after about a year its about time I said something.

First of all, I'm not dead. Second, apologies to anyone who's written me an email in the past while and gotten no response, haven't logged in in ages. 

As things went on with Incubus Island, I became increasingly aware that my vision for it was complicated and amorphous and would require more energy than I had to spare. I started to try to come up with ideas on how to streamline and focus the project, and had trouble doing so. The fact is I am a person who is easily sidetracked by my most recent idea, which leads to me progressing things sideways rather than forward, and when I don't have a reliable compass to tell me where exactly forward is I tend to meander. I can ignore the fact that the project is stagnating even as I put work into it, but at times this knowledge is very demoralizing, and means that when time is scarce, or when I'm tired, I tend to decide to not work on it. So while I enjoy working on it, I sometimes lack the motivation to, so it stagnates even more. 

In recognition of this trajectory, I am taking a break from II until I have an idea on how to restructure it so that I can be confident it's 1) achievable and 2) fits all or most of the main ideas I had on where to go with it. 

I haven't idle though. Initially I started working on a little side project as a way of keeping some sort of creative/gamedev momentum going while I ponder what to do with II. Each side project ballooned with scope creep - something I'm highly susceptible to due to what I said two paragraphs ago - and when I realized this started happing I put the project on the backburner and started another one. 

It turned into a string of projects. There's no need to read this, feel free to skip it, but every single one of these has something going for it and I may return to at some point. 

Groundhog Lay (working title) - There's the familiar scenario of 'what if you're stuck reliving the same day over and over again'. This game concept adds 'and also you're a massive pervert' to the premise. I'm really impressed with the systems I created to allow events to happen at certain times and places and based on choices made previously in the same 'cycle' (with options or possibilities added based on knowledge or skills acquired in previous cycles). I did enough to demonstrate that this was do-able.
Corpse Quest (working title) - An 'open world' RPG with a turn based combat system inspired by something Mercury (fellow Twine dev) made and showed me. Would have involved looting supplies and rescuing survivors for a community in a town overrun with zombies while trying to find ways of escaping.
Death Highway - A second zombie game, this one less RPG-ish. Both games involved dungeons and moving around on a grid-based map but this one was more focused on AI enemies moving around on their own and also randomly generated maps. Would have been about being a scavenger trying to earn enough money and rep to be able to live in one of the various walled towns built in the ruins of a once-great city, and taken place several generations after the standard zombie apocalypse event and explored the idea of rebuilding and rediscovering lost knowledge.
Mercantile (working title) - A brothel sim that would also have had an element of gang warfare strategy as you try to conquer areas on a map in order to build new criminal enterprises. Hard to describe exactly what I thought would make this different from other games of this type but I will definitely do more with this at some point and release it.
Incriminator - A game where you play a sort of freelance agent who specializes in collecting dirt on and/or sabotaging the lives and reputations of individuals on behalf of their rivals and enemies. Player character does this not because he needs money, but because he's a psycho who views other people as his playthings. (Most ideas I came up with I realized would work in II so I won't be returning to this.)

This chain of projects was me trying to find something small I could work on to keep the perverted creative juices going. The thing I finally landed on was Luxury Labyrinth (working title). The player character finds himself in a So Cal luxury home who's dimensions extend forever, and for which there doesn't seem to be an exit.

Early screenshot.
Half of the indicators (including possibly the map)
are for my debugging purposes.
The house's map is randomly generated, and certain parts of it 'shift' every certain number of days. The PC has to find food and make it to a 'safe room' before nightfall (the 'sun' dims and the lights start turning off). The long term goals is to explore the place, figure out what exactly he's stuck in, and get out. 

Of course, there are other characters moving around the map too. I always wanted to make a game where characters are like other players on a board game competing for resources and pursuing their own goals in a sense, and this is the game where I'm finally going to do that. You can befriend, trade resources with and bang these characters, meanwhile while trying to find food and other resources before they do which will ensure your survival and strengthen your social standing/relationships via trade and gifting. 

The ultimate goal is to escape, but ending the game in certain ways or dying after reaching certain milestones will net achievements or special endings which will unlock new starting conditions or abilities in subsequent playthroughs (like IC but less rigid maybe, not sure).

Simplest way to describe it is "what if Back Rooms but in sunny mansion" but it has more in common with the novel House of Leaves and the movie Cube, though I won't say why just yet. 

I decided to stick with this concept because its almost entirely systems-based and so is pretty different from the normal type of work I do (writing scenarios). I started writing special 'event' content for it as in the kind I did/do with IC and II, but I'm going to put all that on the backburner and focus on making a 'game' game. I will add story to it once it functions as a game.

Anyway, that's where I'm at with everything, and now that I've broken my silence I hope to be posting more regularly. You may have noticed that I haven't addressed the bugs in IC that still need fixing, and that's because I only just thought of them now. I honestly hate the way I coded IC, and I hate the way whenever I poke around in its shoddy code I always succumb to the urge to add things to it, thus ensuring the need for future bugfixes. Well, I'll deal with that. Let's say in Jan. Mock me if I haven't done anything about it by end of Jan. 

Monday 6 February 2023

Incubus Island v0.0.7

So I'm going to say what is probably my catchphrase by this point but I wasn't able to get everything I wanted to done. That said, I'm not displeased with this release because in the process I started thinking of ways that I can balance working on the things I find fun and working on the things that need doing.

Because of changes I've made to how different things function, there are going to be a lot of bugs - ones that did not exist in existing scenarios. That said, I find that I enjoy going through old content and fixing it up - in some cases, making it baseline functional, in others expanding on stuff I did poorly or just didn't bother writing. I'll do more of that in times to come.

The main disappointment is I had the chat minigame on the precipice of being done only to discover a bug which in the process of fixing it I added new bugs and now it's in a worse state than it was in before. At least I fixed the first bug (which was: when there are no more cards in the deck, players can still take cards from it, which will fill their hand with null cards that cause everything to screw up. Now the dealer just grabs half the discard pile and shuffles it once the deck has been depleted.)

I gotta remind you again - and this goes double for anyone who hasn't played it yet - this isn't a game. It's not ready to be called that yet. If you aren't running it in debug mode you might find yourself in inescapable situations. |

PS: I'll do an Incubus Update to talk about how I plan on organizing my time on this project going forward. 

Friday 9 December 2022

Incubus Update #20

Hey there. Haven't done one of these in a while. How do I normally start them? I think it's something like "It's been a while since I've done one of these, hasn't it." right?

I've been pulled too many ways to make the kind of progress on II I'd been hoping to before end of year. I was hoping to get the Dating system vaguely functioning (along with two minigames associated with it) but as December began I started to realize I might not get it done but still held out hope there would be time to get some of it done, but I was wrong. December is just not a good time to get anything done.

That said, long delays between releases frustrate me because it just compels me to continue releasing nothing while I work on the game. This sort of disincentives me to work on small incremental improvements in favor of chasing larger and more nebulous, which is fine but it means I've managed to leave a lot of things that need fixing untouched.

But then this puts me in the position of releasing it in a form that's kinda busted up (especially since I accidentally added yet more bugs to systems adjacent to the event launching system, which I should really just replace entirely considering how convoluted it is). So I think what I'm going to do is just release as-is, but annotate some things <<comingsoon >> widget. I made it to explain when things are missing but I see no harm in explaining whats missing, what I need to fix, etc. These annotations also serve as earmarks for areas of the game I can go to work on when I'm bored or frustrated with the task at hand, and additionally will help me remember what my intentions were for certain sections while I'm playing the game. 

Anyway I'll finish this thought at the end. In the meanwhile, I'll say what I've been doing - it's been so long that I don't have a coherent list of what I've changed since last update, so I'll just say what I've worked on recently that might actually be in the game in some form when I publish it. 

Chat Minigame

Right now 'Player 1' is your opponent.
I have the list of players as an array and the
'1' is their position in the array. Will change this.
It's a card game mean to represent the flow of a conversation (I'm currently calling it 'cardversation'). The goal of it is to have a conversation that interests/engages/amuses your opponent and leaves them wanting more. You will be presented with this minigame when you approach a 'roamer' - an NPC who's been assigned to move around in the game world of their own volition - and on dates. Winning this game (Perhaps under other circumstances too.)

It's a very simple card game reminiscent of Crazy 8s, but with a sort of CCG component to it where the traits and stats of you and your opponent will enable you to occasionally draw 'special' cards from the deck based on those, which would have effects like your opponent missing a turn or two, being able to see their cards, negating any special card they play, etc.

Last I left it I was about to start putting functionality into the special cards. I may just belay that goal and just have it as-is. Or maybe not. Maybe it's annoying without any sort of twist to it, I'll think about this later. 

It also has some annoying presentation issues, like cards not showing face up when they should under certain circumstances, special cards having weird tooltip labels when you hover over them etc.

NPCs and Traits

When you encounter a character 'in the wild'
you get a sidebar showing everything you know
about them. (Unknown traits are "(?)")
This character was randomly assigned
"dislikes beach" by the character activator,
which is silly because she's a volunteer lifeguard.
In order for the dating system to be interesting (to me and presumably to the player as well) it has to require different approaches based on which character you're dating. So when a 'named NPC' (I use this term but it's not technically correct - I mean NPCs that are not one-offs, who exist as objects in the game rather than a variable name in a single scenario) is generated, they are assigned several traits randomly.

Do they like receiving certain types of gifts? Are they attracted to different attributes? Are they proud of certain aspects of themselves while ashamed of others? What's their favorite place to go on a date? Anyway, the game will assign two traits for every trait category - one positive (either a 'like' or a 'love') and one negative (either 'dislike' or 'hate'). The mood increase/decrease of each associated action will be based on these traits (i.e. 'love' is x4 for increases, 'like' x2, and so on).

(If a character has a trait of a certain kind specified in her database entry, she will not be giving a random one of that type when activated.)

I intend it so that the player won't be able to see the character's traits (aside from superficial ones, ie 'bonde hair', 'huge ass' etc) until they 'learn' of them. In this way certain features like the chat minigame will serve two purposes - 1) increasing mood/raport with that character, and 2) learning more about them and their traits. At certain points where relationship advancement might be in order, the player might be 'quizzed' on something. Maybe you'll need to remember her birthday, or some insecurity or other she has, or say if you're dating a milf, there may come a point you'll need to show taht you at least know how many kids she has. The game will track what you know and store it in her traits_known property (which is an array, just like her traits property).

Sex Minigame

Sex doesn't need a minigame in general, but I figure if you fuck the same character over and over again via Dating system there should be something to spice it up instead of just playing the same scene each time for those situations (what I'm saying is, this minigame will be used mostly in the Dating system and probably only in a limited sense outside of it. (Some variation of it might be used for porn shoots.))

Anyway it's going to be a sort of turn-based 'battle' where both of you have a lifebar (that goes up instead of down) representing your progress towards having an orgasm. Obvioiusly, the goal is to thae them cum before you do - you've seen this sort of idea before I'm sure.

The effectiveness of various 'attacks' (sex positions) are based on your skill stats but also your partner's various sexual preferences (see trait section above). She might love or hate certain positions, but she might also have broader proclivities, eg: 

  • 'likes cock' will double the 'damage' (progress to climax) effect of any position that has your dick close to her face (titty fuck, blowjob, etc)
  • 'romantic' will double the 'damage' of positions where you are facing each other and other thigns she might find romantic
  • 'top'/'bottom' - If she prefers to be on top or underneath you. (Might need to come up with less gay terms.) 

Aside from these traits, 'damage' will also be based on the sex skill associated with that position (which basically correspond to dick, hand/fingers, and tongue/mouth).

The idea is that the more pleasure she experiences, the better the 'payout' from the encounter. If she has multiple orgasms

Currently this is shoddy and not that far along.

Changer System

This isn't interesting but I'm trying to create a coherent and consistent way of coding 'changers' which is a scenario that is altered based on a variable or set of variables. The code for running into 'roamers', the code for going on dates, the code for the next thing I'm going to talk about are all 'changers' - the code is the same, but the variables put into it. Over time they will be coded more cleanly and consistently but I have to experiment with a small number of them first to see what's best.

A thing that's coming up is I've tried coding the same type of thing in different ways to see what's better, and I have to start consolidating things together to be more uniform. This is a bit messy.

The changers I have started on so far:

  • changerMeet - For when you approach a character who's roaming in the same location you're in. It is through this that you can start things with characters you don't know, but also some characters will start roaming once you have finished the scenario or events they first appear in.
  • changerCall - When you get someone's number - could happen with randos you meet above or as part of a regular story scenario depending on choices you make - you can call them up. I am in the process of fusing this with elements from changerMeet that do the same thing (conversation-based things, like complementing and making inquiries) but better. You'll be able to call a person 1 time a day, and from a call initiate a date.
  • changerOuting - This comprises the actual date. Generally it comes 
  • changerFucking - I am not sure what to do with this; the fucking minigame might make it redundant. Supposed to be triggered at the end of successful dates.
  • pornshoot-amateur - See below.
I have half a mind to fuse changerMeet and changerCall into 1 thing with a variable controlling if it's a call or in-person, but I think it might be better to just chop parts out and make them widgets or includes that both of these use, that way a future changer or event could also use those parts as well.

Complete aside, but I'm actually starting to enjoy the new version of Twine. I've figured out how to occupy both 'columns' with various passages. I just wish 1) the search field didn't cause weird issues when it was open, 2) there was a shortcut to hide everything so you could look around on the stage unobstructed at any time, 3) passages held their place when you switch them between collumns or expand/collapse them.

Amateur Porn Shoots

I just noticed a bug in this system as I was
taking this screenshot, ten points to anyone
who can spot it.
Remember the stupid shitty 'online dating' component of IC? Well the closest thing to that in II right now is much better. If you upload enough porn videos to your account on a porn site, you'll unlock the ability to monetize your account and run ads to attract girls to do scenes with you. 

There's about 10 girls so far (though I don't think I've made custom content for all of them). The changer for this is pretty versatile and even allows for follow-up content. (For example, if you up a video of one  girl, you will be contacted by her furious mother, demanding you take the video down or suffer the consequences. The consequences will be all hers to bear, however...)

I am particularly proud of the post-shoot part of this where you have to tag and title the video. Mostly this is just a silly joke but your accuracy will determine how much ad revenue you make off these videos when I'm done with this part of the game. 

The Plan for the Near Future

In the past week I've somehow broken the system that determines what background to display, and also caused a bug where NPCs follow you around after you leave the scenario's they're in. The latter is particularly baffling and its kind of freaky, like she always appears just behind the person you're trying to talk to like a stalker jealous you're with another woman and not her. 

This on top of my half-complete fusing systems from changerCall and changerMeet together makes the game kind of unplayable if you try to engage with any of these systems in any way. I know that by uploading what I have, it's sort of like an invitation to people to have them download and install it, so it shouldn't be offensively broken like it currently is.

So anyway, my plan is to clean this mess up in Jan, have the systems I'm working not finished but 'functional' - like they can be played through without error messages or confusing weirdness even if they're filled with coming soon notes. Then, by the end of January have something I feel comfortable uploading. 

The real risk is that I might come to the conclusion - either rationally based on facts or just via compulsion to change everything - that I might need to scrap big chunks of the coding for how events/backgrounds/passages are used, and it will take way longer. The truth is the whole thing is way too complicated as-is and I've known this for a while, and revising this or that bit of it has done nothing to alleviate this problem. (I'm tempted to actually draw a flowchart of everything and try to work out the best way to streamline the whole thing.)

The Plan for Going Forward

As I mentioned I want to get back to posting the most recent version of the game more frequently, probably as a folder on (so one can download all or just some of it at any given time based on circumstance). Once the Near Future stuff is out of the way, I should just make it a rule for myself to post at least once a month, at the end of the month or in the middle or something. 

I think this will motivate me to clean up tiny issues alongside going ahead with new things. I think it will make it more likely I will spend time migrating content from the TESTBED version of the game (which I use to start scenarios that I don't intend to make part of the game proper right away).


This may have been more of a ramble than usual, but hope I was coherent enough. Sorry for not posting in a while. I am not dead, and neither is the project, rest assured.

Have a great Christmas or whatever heathen bullshit you're into.

Friday 23 September 2022

Incubus City v1.15.0 release

Some have asked if I'm still alive and ok, here's confirmation that I am. What I'm posting here is what I expect to be the last significant modification to IC that I do for a while (aside from bugfixes etc). 

I've said those words before, I know. But need to pull together II into something slightly more coherent and easy to play, my time will be even scarcer in the coming months I'd like to have the game feeling fresher and more easy to use before the end of the year. (I probably won't post an update until I have something to show for it, would feel like pointless prattling on my part otherwise.)

What's New - I fiddled around a bit, added a new mod by bigtex, and added some what I guess you'd call 'post game content'. I'm not going to go into detail on it, but one of the additions is that some starts have additional content associated with them. If you look carefully at the start selection screen between games you'll be able to tell which is which. (Elsewhere, people who've already played the game to the point of exhausting it will find something added for them specifically.)

I'm sure there's a few bugs I introduced and a few others I forgot to address, pls let me know if you find any.

v1.15.0 update (full 'installation')

Mega |

bigtex mod


Monday 4 July 2022

Incubus Update #19

Was April really the last update I made? That was a while ago. Sorry about that. It's a mix of things - I haven't stopped tinkering around, but I mostly haven't had a huge pocket of time to do a full thing. 

Usually when I know I don't have long to work on something, I tend to prefer side experiments, creating scenario seeds to elaborate on later, or prepping graphics over producing coherent immediately playable content. 

This goofball did not
receive a content update.
Doesn't help that I've had all kinds of technical problems with this machine. Might have to reformat if I can't sort them out, and I'm not even sure if reformatting will do the trick. (Is there a tool that does a comprehensive scan of every piece of hardware and every system on a PC to tell you why it sucks? I've never had such an abrupt but inexplicable deluge of issues in such a short span of time.)

Lets quickly go over the last month's update's goals, which were pretty loose:

"1) get more IC bugfixes done and possibly make a unspecified addition" - made a lot of progress on that unspecified addition (which I will elaborate on why I won't elaborate on later) though it has in practice been an encumbrance to my making bug fixes on account of I keep working on it instead of bug fixes
"2) get some of the Gene Merchant's biomods working - and then do another release." - completely, totally forgot about this character lol, did other shit that will make her upgrades more relevant anyway

Now here's what else I've worked on I've worked on:

Believe it or not this is based on the Skyrim
(& every other videogame) lockpick system.

I put a lot of RPG gunk in II's systems that probably don't seem to serve a purpose yet. 

One thing I'd like to do is have ways of your various skills affecting the game outside of basic skillchecks. 

Lockpick and hacking minigames are a bit of a trope, figure maybe there would be one for drinking (a sort of blackjack-like thing I'm still workshopping) one for persuasion attempts

Hacking minigame based on Wordle.
Looking to things like Sudoku, Wordle, Mastermind, Mineseweeper, Rubix Cube as inspiration for relatively simple to pick up turn-based challenge. (If you can think of some other source of inspiration that won't require me to come up with AI for a computer opponent, lmk I'm up for suggestions.)

The idea is that these games will have a range of difficulty. Lower-level challenges (getting past a simple lock) any player might be able to do, but the level 9 versions will probably require some character advancement. What I mean is, various stats and skill threshholds will grand in-minigame 'perks' (you can see them being tabulated in the debug table in the righthand side of one of the images, 'abilities', for example).

When I'm done all these and have them put in the game I'll put the file with all the prototypes in it online so people can steal them as they see fit. I'll do that after the ones I want to keep are already in my game tho.

• What do you think would be a good inspiration for such a minigame?
• What's a good lockpick minigame that isn't based on the Skyrim/Fallout one?

II-Job System

At some point I broke the job system so it didn't work, so I had to fix it. Then I started making content for the clothing store job (which I don't think existed last release iirc) to see how a job-based 'storyline' might play out. 

This system needs a lot of work, but I like the job system. It lets you advance the game in one way (making money) while also advancing in other ways (increasing skills, passing time so other things can progress, opportunities for hijinx of a fornicatory nature).

IC-Unspecified Addition

I won't say much about it because I'd prefer it was a thing people stumbled across by accident while playing the game, but I will say it's dumber than I intended it to be, which is fine by me. Will either have it in whatever the next update is, or in a month or two, idk. 

II-Dating System

IC was an all-you-can-rape buffet, but I want there to be some goals that require more long-term investment as is more like a normal RPG type game. 

Not only that, I intend it so that certain NPCs exist as entities in the world, can move around and do things (in a certain way) while you live your life, but none of that can happen without you being able to meaningfully interact with them in various ways. I've taken a stab at these 'various ways' before but they were largely silly experiments.

Anyway I've made a dating system (which will also involve a gamified sex minigame system for these circumstances). I'm going to keep it as barebones as long as possible to stave off my tendency to overbloat things before I have a coherent idea of what shape they should be.

The primary role of it is this: Some girls are pump-and-dumps like in IC, but others have a special quality (in the sense of the paranormal, such as with Falia and Miyuki from the first game) that requires you to forge a relationship in order to get the most benefit from impregnating them. Others you might have a use for - to turn them into prostitutes or pressure them into other endeavours - that require you to form a relationship in order to exploit them. 

So for these purposes, the ability to call them up, have conversations with them, give them gifts, ask them out, seduce/convince/pressure them into doing this or that for you all plays into the above.

There's also a strategic element. All female characters whore are set up as proper NPCs will have a 'monthly cycle' that affects their fertility. So you have a girl you're dating who you haven't fucked yet because she has a low promiscuity stat (we've all been there) but you know you're close. Putting the moves on her today might get you to fuck her, but if you do and fail, or you fuck her but don't get it done right, it might give her a bad impression which means she won't put out next time. 

But what if her peak fertility time is next week? Maybe it's best to hold off on trying to get sex out of her until then, and for now just focus on having a good date to advance your relationship? Maybe a simple date, while you build up enough money to get her a nice gift or take her to the place she likes most. Then when ovulation time comes and her fertility spikes, you're in there. (In the final game, hitting refresh to re-roll to ensure impregnation will not be possible, so you'll have to actually engage with these game mechanics without cheating in this way.)

Of course, you could just ignore her until next week, but there's a chance her fondness of you will drop if she doesn't hear from you in a while. Or maybe she has a certain personality trait where ignoring her might make her want you more? This is the sort of thing I want to do with this. 

If you've been reading for a while, you'll know I had a previous system for dating that I tried with 'motelgirl' a while back. I'm scrapping it because as it was, it took too much effort for each character to implement which defeats the purpose of it being a system for all characters rather than individual content for each.

_-Black Plague Game

I don't remember when exactly I worked on this, but I know at some point in the past few months I made a game wherein there was a map filled with enemies (plague ghouls and some werewolves) and the player can move around and take and place objects. I wanted to make a system where some enemies are afraid of certain items, avoid certain terrain, can be evaded or killed by certain items etc. (The one thing I tried was ghouls can only be knocked down for a while, only way to kill them is through burning or through burial via shovel item.)

Turns out this is way more complicated to program than I thought. Previously making games like this the stumbling block was enemy AI, but this time it was just coding all the systems for stuff to interact, just the sheer volume of code. I hope future versions of Twine make your code more easy to search and organize. 

Anyway this was just a little weird thing I tried, plan to return to doing this sometime later. I'll post a screenshot next time I open my laptop, though don't expect much it's just ASCII.

To Do Lists

Instead of goals I'm going to do to-do lists for a while. Each update I'll include the previous to-do list and the only way something leaves it is if I complete it. I think this is a better system until II is coherent enough that I can have minimal goals while still moving it forward (hard to explain).

II To-Do List
[] Get the dating system to a point where a normal person could kinda see where I'm going for with it.
[] Fix the stupid event launcher's stupid bug where Place events override subsequently chosen events (such as job attendance and the like).
[] Finish the 'fashionista' and get her scenario on new systems I've created since then (this scenario, btw, has literally never worked properly in any relased form, I broke it the moment after I 'finished' it).
[] Do SOMETHING to initiate the main storyline. I have content, just need a plan to get it in the game.

IC To-Do List
[] Fixing the imageswap bug that mostly affects Zotscheetter's mod.
[] Either mothballing the unspecified feature for a while or finishing it.
[] Going 'up the list' on the bug reports on Discord.
[] Doing something to make the token collection ending less terrible and anticlimactic.
[] Checking if I fixed the bug I caused in CrimsonSamurai's content properly.

Incubus City v1.14.2 update - Hentai City Edition

As I was writing the most recent Incubus Update, I came to realize that I never posted here about the Hentai City v3 update, with massive contributions made by Queen Pauline

There's now 300 images replaced by this mod. I also replaced some of the 'generic' images (ie the fucking animations that play when you bang a nobody in your harem) and some interface images (to give the game more of a JRPG feel when you have the mod active). 

You can now play the game for a while and barely encounter anything live-action, so if you're a degenerate weeb you'll probably like it.

Friday 8 April 2022

Incubus Update #18

Cyborgs exist but they're niche.
There's a few hints in IC that it
takes place on the cusp of an age
of cyberpunk. II takes place in a
post-cyberpunk age, where cyborgs
are kinda passé and biaugs
(bio-augmenteds, still workshopping
the term) are their current equivalent.

Hey. I realized we're already a week in, don't want to let things creep to the middle of the month like I did last month.

Just over two weeks ago I got a little bit ill. First time in a while, was mostly just tired, so I didn't get a lot done. 

Here are the things I did:

Job system experimentation (II, goal) - I played around with it but nothing really worth showing, and therefore nothing really worth talking about. I'll say that I did not meet this goal, and therefore give you permission to call me one (1) unkind term.

IC bugfixes and adding Crimson Samurai's content to the game (goal) - 1) I did some bugfixes (not nearly enough for my liking, gonna renew that goal for this month), 2) Crimson's Stuff is in there now (tested, seems fine, may have missed something here or there), 3) I added replacement images for the daughters (untested). I've kind of run out of time though (will half-explain in a moment) so that'll have to be it for now, if you want to play this unofficial versions 1.13 of IC you can get it here:
[wape] IncubusCity v1.13.0 - CrimsonSamurai 1.5GB
(does not contain mods folder, so don't delete yours)

If you haven't played Crimson Samurai's Enhanced Edition, you should check out this new content in the above zip. (And if you like it, know that he's working on a game of his own, so keep an eye out on F95.)

Gene Merchant (II) - In the Undercroft's black market there will be a character who will genetically modify you, granting you various perks. I meant to add this character ages ago - she's actually a stopgap solution and will probably have her role change somewhat as development continues.

sayIt() - I put together this file to show this function I made for Twine to generate random words and phrases, intended to easily diversify re-used content and create fantasy-sounding character and place names. Get it here if that interests you.


A big chunk of April I will be elsewhere, so I gotta be modest with these goals. So all I'll really commit to is 1) get more IC bugfixes done and possibly make a unspecified addition and 2) get some of the Gene Merchant's biomods working - and then do another release. I'll hopefully be able to be more ambitious in May.