Current Projects

Incubus City

You are an incubus, and it's breeding season.

Just Rape Pretty Girls

I have been working on an RPG 'engine' for Twine. J.R.P.G. will be a test run for a lot of the elements I'm working on, like a full stat/equipment system, 'dungeons', random encounters, etc. As such the game will be quite the departure from what I've done and what I intend to do - anime graphics, almost no story to speak of, gameplay-focused - but it's all to streamline the process of making this proof-of-concept game. (Previously I intended for It Came In Our Women to fill this role. See below why I changed my mind.) 

Incubus Island

The sequel to Incubus City. I've started writing it out and working on new systems for it. Game will contain more RPG and adventure game elements. You take the part of a new arrival on Isla Uterra, an island nation and booming tourist destination. Due to a suspicious conflation of circumstances, you find yourself in a precarious situation: unable to leave the island, but legally unable to stay either. Uncover the dark secret of the island while you come to grips with a mysterious transformation that's begun inside you. Your life and the world around you will never be the same again.


Civilization has fallen but from the rubble a new and stranger one has arisen. Explore the twisted hellscapes and paradisaical oases of Zone A, slaying abominations, bringing mutant savages to heel. Save or enslave, pillage or protect, rape or redeem: the choice is yours.

This is one of the most ambitious game idea I've ever had, and I intend to follow through with it. However there are a few systems I need to build first, so this won't come till after I've developed them sufficiently in the above games.

On Hold

It Came In Our Women

A being has fallen to earth and taken human form. To this shapeshifter, every human is a threat but in some of them, it has found a reward by far worth the risk...

It Came was to be a test run of some RPG systems I'm working on, but I decided to do JRPG for this purpose instead as It Came would require too much writing to make any kind of sense to the player, and I'd rather just focus on the RPG systems for the RPG system project. Might re-visit though as some of the ideas I had were interesting.

Vicaria the Wanderer

You are an invisible intangible being that roams the earth in a haze. Something has awakened you from your millennium sleepwalk and drawn you to a town. You must toy with the minds of the mortals you find there to find a means of combating an ancient evil that is quickly approaching.

This game had a similar structure to Incubus City but was to be almost entirely mind control and possession and had a story with more urgency. Initially you could posses only women but as your powers grew this extended to men as well. I may go back to it at some point.

Haramaster: Spawning Ground

I've started and re-started what is essentially the exact same game in Renpy multiple times now. It is an 'open world' RPG where you explore an island nation and discover its secrets. You have to get and do several jobs and improve skills to gain money, unlock quests etc. Like a lot of my stuff, the game centers around impregnation. The game would have allowed you to meet, date, seduce and impregnate women, and also marry or dump them. The rest of it was a cross between being a detective and being a criminal, and the main story involved unraveling a conspiracy within the different groups that vied for control of the island.

The broad concept of this game will be used in Incubus Island, though not the backstory and lore (which were set in a futuristic anime-inspired alternate universe). The main reason I didn't finish this is because I came across issues in the way the game's save system handles variables imported from databases. I'd like to finish it if I am able, but right now I'm focusing on Twine projects.

Other Projects

I've worked on a lot of game projects, though of the 'released' work I've mostly been a minor contributor. If you want to see those though, check out King of Porn City, in which I did some graphics, animation, and wrote scenarios (under the name 'Rancid'); SexForge, where I contributed some animations; SimBro, where I made some costumes. I've also made mods for Renpy hentai games, if I ever dig them up I might post them here because I like them and one in particular was larger than the game it was a mod for and was pretty awesome in my opinion. 


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