Tuesday 15 March 2022

Incubus Island v0.0.4

I have done a few tweaks but the main thing is there is a job system now.

Honestly, these aren't massive additions and I wouldn't say there's much of a reason to play them at the moment, but they are below if you like.

You could just download the html file at the link below, or click Download as Zip to take everything, but the only things that changed from last version are:

images/places/ (job background images)
images/events/jobbartender (all)
files/ (one of the css files has been updated, can't remember which)

Incubus Island folder on Mega.nz

You get jobs by going to the bar and asking for one (need to have done a few events at bar) or to the college (new loc, accessible via downtown iirc, no prerequisits). Only one of them has an event associated with it. 

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