Monday 4 July 2022

Incubus City v1.14.2 update - Hentai City Edition

As I was writing the most recent Incubus Update, I came to realize that I never posted here about the Hentai City v3 update, with massive contributions made by Queen Pauline

There's now 300 images replaced by this mod. I also replaced some of the 'generic' images (ie the fucking animations that play when you bang a nobody in your harem) and some interface images (to give the game more of a JRPG feel when you have the mod active). 

You can now play the game for a while and barely encounter anything live-action, so if you're a degenerate weeb you'll probably like it.


  1. there no image ln3 folder yet with bakery and old friend yet right
    If there is were can i download it

    1. nvm hadn't download crimson edition yet