Friday 25 January 2019

Incubus City Wiki Guide

I made a wiki guide for Incubus City. Should be easier for me to update than editing a page on blogspot. Here it is:


  1. I want to start off by saying the game is really good and I look forward to your other projects. But I have thought of a couple of ideas for the game that you could add or if you want to. Maybe add a girl's university that has multiple events/locations like a dorm room, a sorority house, sports teams, etc. and they could be played like the whorehouse or the dungeon or you could go back to them until the end of breeding season. Also a way to use your mind power a bit more like using it on more than one person at a time like all the Smith girls or use it to make people do things like having Joy and her daughters have sex with you and have the husband sit and watch and not not do anything. You could also make them forget things like being raped or who they had sex with. And maybe another scenario with Val where all her friends join you.

  2. Thanks for the wiki Wape!

  3. The wiki needs an update, presumably... The token guide is incomplete for 1.6.2, and presumably 1.6.4 as well, if any new were added since .6.2